Why this journal?

Because we considered that it has a special and awaited place in the publicistic landscape of Timişoara.

Because of the existence of the work object, physical education, sports, sports medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation, that have interested a lot of specialists that wish to share their studies and scientific research.

Because that are people willing to make this publication a fact; these are the members of the Scientific Committee and of the Editorial Team of „Timişoara Physical Education and Rehabilitation Journal”;  we hope that you, our new readers, will eventually become colaborators of this journal.

Although physical activity is not a priority anymore in the daily routine of children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens, it is being rediscovered more often by an ever increasing number of our fellow people and it is seen as an essential method of promoting health. Crouded gyms and sport clubs stand proof of this statement. Walking, cycling and outdoor activities have all been reinvented.

Physical education, practiced at the level of school curriculum, olympic event or just pure recreational activity, offers the bulk of the topics that can be studied in this journal; the somato-functional aspects that are implied, the benefits but also the negative side of practicing physical activities will all be depicted in the pages of the journal. Closely related to this, sports medicine offers the diagnostic and treatment methods of severe and chronic illnesses caused by the practicing of physical education and sports, both as a recreational activity and at a performance level.

Due to the fact that it is still a „young” field in our country, physical therapy wishes that its benefits and numerous aplicabilities be recognised in the treatment of ilnesses linked to physical activity; we are reffering to multiple types of pathology (orthopedic, cardiovascular, respirathory, neurologic etc.); the prevention of these illnesses through kinetoprophilaxy can also be a subject of interest for our readers.

Rehabilitation is a much wider concept that means, in generous terms, re-receiving an ability that was once lost; closely related to physical therapy (in fact, it is also included), physical rehabilitation offers, besides the methods of physical therapy, secondary and tertiary kinetoprophilaxy, many other ways through which a dissability can be approached as to make the side-effects on the organism, daily, social and profesional routines of the individual kept at a minimal level, and the reintegration of the individual in the family and socio-professional environment be made under optimum parameters for the illness and the hindered person.

Beside scientific research papers, clinical studies, in this journal will appear series of theoretical studies that wants to help the ones interested in physical activity and, especially, in the sociological, ethical, medical, psychological or other kind of problems that are imposed by the initiation, maintenance, gradation of a physical training program.

With the hope that we have aroused your interest regarding the subject of this journal, we are waiting for you to read it and even share something from your experience, studies and research.

We thank the local authorities that have supported financially the forging of this journal that we hope will become one of significant reference.

This first number of the journal is the result of a project realized with the Timisoara Mayoralty and Local Council support.



The Editorial Team