Issue 19


A study on how age influences swimming speed in masters breaststroke mencompetitions (Marcel RĂSĂDEAN)

New therapeutic approaches in the treatment of low back pain (Marius NECULĂEȘ 1, Paul LUCACI 2)

Physical therapy management in knee ankylosis  -Case study- (Ana-Maria VUTAN)

Considerations on the efficiency of the attack hit in a women’s senior volleyball team  (Sorin GRĂDINARU, Csilla GRĂDINARU)

Journey from academics to employment: labor market insertion of the Fitness and Motor Performance Master Physical Education Faculty of Timisoara West University Alumni 2011-2016- a pilot study (Adrian NAGEL 1, Silvia Nicoleta MIRICĂ 2,  Martin DOMOKOS 3,  Cerasela DOMOKOS 4, Eugen BOTA 5, Cristian NEGREA 6)

Students’  job-related physical condition. How fit are they ? (Ioan GALEA 1,  Dana NEGRU 2, Viorel Petru ARDELEAN 3, Corina DULCEANU 4, Iustin OLARIU 5)

Verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal skills in the patient-kinetotherapist relationship (Oana RUSU 1, Maria CHIRIȚĂ 2)

Platelet-rich plasma intra-articular injections as an alternative treatment for knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review (Elena SÎRBU 1, Șerban GLIGOR 2, Corina PANTEA 3)

The impact of sport education on fundamental values (Beatrice ABĂLAȘEI 1,  Radu IACOB 2, Rareș PUNI 3)

Motor skill development for children between the ages of 6 to 8 as a result of finishing an initiation level swimming course (Dan Ionuț PÎRJOL 1, Marcel RĂSĂDEAN 2, Petre BANIAȘ 3)

Physical Education – Active Support of the Stage Movement  (The Training of the Bodily Expression) (Ana-Cristina LEȘE 1)

S. Stanislavski and the physical action (Ana Cristina LEȘE 1)

Developing resistance through dynamic games, for the 2-nd grade schoolchildren (Vicol Eduard ȘUȚĂ 1,  Tiberiu TĂTARU 2, Lizia Ioana ȘUȚĂ 3, Marinela VASILE 4)

The incidence of spine deficiencies among disabled students with intellectual disabilities from special education system in Bucharest  (Vicol Eduard ȘUȚĂ 1,  Tiberiu TĂTARU 2, Lizia Ioana ȘUȚĂ 3, Marinela VASILE 4)

The effect of physical effort on the psychological dimensions in the case of former athletes (Marin CHIRAZI 1,  Irina ȘUBREDU 2)

Study regarding the game parameters of the national men’s basketball league and of the national team at Eurobasket 2017 (Dan IONESCU 1, Rareş Cosmin PRIŞCĂ 2)

Izometric effort in the balance stance of handball throw (Alexandru Andrei GHERMAN1,  Leon GOMBOȘ 2, Adrian PĂTRAȘCU 3, Sergiu POP 4)   

Postural balance and 7-meter throw’s accuracy in handball (Leon GOMBOȘ1, Alexandru Andrei GHERMAN2, Adrian PĂTRAȘCU3, Paul RADU4)

Effects of physical activity on the quality of life among adult women (Klára KALMAN1,  Iacob HANŢIU2)

Trunk asymmetry at children aged 10-15 years: relation between amount of asymmetry and risk factors. (Béla József BALLA1, Iacob HANŢIU2)

The time for physical exercise and food habits on anumber of students from Pascani National College (Adriana ALBU1, Ionuţ ONOSE2, Raluca Mihaela HODORCĂ3*, Cristina-Elena MORARU 4)

Contributions regarding combating obesity in middle school students (girls) from rural areas through motor activities (Adrian COJOCARIU1,  Valentin ALBU2)

Contribution of harmonious physical development exercises to increase bio-motor process at preschool children (Mihaela-Liana FAUR1, Romana BENEA 2, Corina PANTEA3)

Physical assessment and motor skills development on a group of students from rural areas (Ionuţ ONOSE1, Raluca Mihaela HODORCĂ2, Cristina-Elena MORARU3, Adriana ALBU4)

Comparative study of wing spikers on offensive efficiency actions in obtaining points in high performance competitions (Cristian ȘANTA1,  Radu-Cristian STUPAR2)

The use of dynamic games in the development of motor skills among children with special educational needs (Bogdan Constantin UNGUREAN 1,  Adrian COJOCARIU2, Alexandru OPREAN3)

The relationship between the frequency of physical and sports activities and the body image (Gabriela Maria POP1, Horea POP2)

Improving the quality of life through participation in physical activity- the tennis camp pilot study (Radu-Tiberiu ȘERBAN1, Alin Marius BACIU1)

Study on analysis the emotion regulation mechanisms responsible for improvement of sport performance in artistic gymnastics (Ramona Ancuța NUȚ 1, Paula APOSTU2, Nicolae Horațiu POP3)

Study on the Libero’s Game Patterns in Serve Take-Over in Junior Volleyball Teams II (Alexandru-Rareş  PUNI1,  Iulian  DUMITRU2)

Effectiveness of resistance development through football at high school students (Alexandru – Radu BĂDOI 1, Gheorghe MONEA 2)

Overweight between perception and reality (Cristian-Cosmin STRAVA 1)

A review on volleyball injuries (Hans-Eric REITMAYER)

The identification of the components organizational culture in the camps from Romania (Florin NICHIFOR 1)

Modification of heart rate in lactacid anaerobic effort among amateur athletes (Cezar HONCERIU 1, Florin Petruț TROFIN 2)

Specific training for improving the skill and speed  in junior football players (Dan MONEA 1,  Rodica PRODAN 2, Vlad Teodor GROSU 3)