Issue 13


Motor memory in sports success (Silvia GRĂDINARU, Csilla GRĂDINARU, Corina PANTEA)

Comparative study regarding physical characteristics at male handball players activating on wing and pivot positions at Romanian team Steaua Bucharest (Ioana-Maria CURIŢIANU,  Mircea NEAMŢU)

Study on the somatic profile of the volleyball outside hitter (Petru Eugen MERGHEŞ,  Silvia GRĂDINARU, Sorin GRĂDINARU)

Considerations on the constitutional type of the central hitter in volleyball (Sorin GRĂDINARU,  Silvia GRĂDINARU, Petru Eugen MERGHEŞ)

Improving motor skills of children in secondary schoolby using means specific to football game (Sorin BRÎNDESCU, Remus DATCU)

Analysis and Implementation of Health Promotion through Exercise in Specialized Higher Education (Veronica POPESCU, Vasile TRIBOI)

Semenic Mountains’ alpine skiing area (Petru BANIAȘ, Daniel AMARIEI)

Investigation of morphological parameters in mentally disabled children (Bogdan Constantin UNGUREAN,  Adrian COJOCARIU, Alexandru OPREAN)

Mass and Body Composition Particularities of Rugby Compartments (Alexandru OPREAN,  Adrian COJOCARIU,  Bogdan UNGUREAN)

Benefits of exercise on physical and mental healthin rheumatoid arthritis patients (Himena  ZIPPENFENING, Elena SÎRBU)

Social representation of the kinesiotherapist profession (Beatrice ABALAŞEI)

Study on the strength development level in children with Down syndrome (Valeria BĂLAN,  Gheorghe MARINESCU)

Correlation study regarding the pelvic floor hypotonia in relation to labour, age and number of births (Doriana Ioana CIOBANU, Carmen ȘERBESCU)

ASU Politehnica Timişoara Football Club overview (Remus DATCU, Sorin BRÎNDESCU)

Improving preschooler conduct adaptation by using a social learning program based on motion games (Zsuzsa Szilárda GÁLL, Lorand BALINT)

The time limit of maintaining the running speed at VO2max (TLIM VO2max). A comparative study between trained and untrained (Cezar HONCERIU, Petruț-Florin TROFIN, Eduard IFRIM)

Contribution of aerobic step and Pilates exercises to life quality increase (Ancuța LUPĂU,  Mihaela-Liana FAUR, Corina PANTEA)

Clinico-functional study on the incidence of physical deficiencies in teenagers (Marius NECULĂEȘ)

Masters swimming competitions – A study on applying a registration fee (Marcel RĂSĂDEAN)

Motivation in practicing Yoga & Pilates and satisfying the need for self-knowledge (Simona PETRACOVSCHI)

Aspects regarding  the pivot player tasks in the handball game (Ionică CĂRĂBAȘ)

Comparative study on the number of pupils registered as sportsmen in the middle schools from Iasi city and at a national level (Marin CHIRAZI)

Contemporary dimensions of sports sponsorship (Iulian DUMITRU, Florin NICHIFOR)